Lovin Lulu and turnin blueblue


I recently got some Lululemon clothes so thought I would share, because I am obsessed!

The top photo is of the “No Limit” (click to see website) tank. Built in sports bra= awesome! The top is attached to the sports bra but open on the sides allowing for nice airflow. The top itself is very loose fitting but is tighter at the bottom which is great when I need to be in a handstand and not worry about my shirt. I love the skinny straps as well. I wish all of my clothes could be make of Lulu materials. MMmmm.

The bottom picture is of the “Wunder Under Crop”. The waistband is ver stretchy and thick which means comfort and best of all no love handles! It has a pocket in the waistband as well as on the lower portion of the leg, which can be folded up for warmer days. The fit is unbelievable. They don’t fall down when I jump and they just feel plain wonderful.

The picture on the right is of my arm! Results of breaking down muscle adhesions. Yay. I have been trying similar but less invasive techniques on my mobility clients. Feedback has been good (besides the pain)!

Time to get back to work. Throwdown today! YAY! I love CFI competitions. So many people have set PRs already. It’s been a very positive day! I will post my WOD up later tonight if I have time! I have a feeling I’ll be sore!


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