Why does our coach do different programming than us?


This is a question that for some reason seems to be popping up more and more. I never really thought too deeply into it, but I guess from an athlete’s perspective this could seem a bit confusing. As your coach there are lots of reasons that your WOD programmers do a different workout than you. To name a few…

-When we (coaches) workout, we truly study ourselves. How did we respond? Did we recover well or were we extremely beat up? Was this a beneficial way to translate better fitness to ourselves? Was this a mental tester? We then then use that information to brainstorm on what to do for you, our clients, to reap the most benefits. We are like your guinea pigs. Who better to try out the programming than ourselves? Having experienced what you have allows us to be better coaches. Having programmed workouts for the past 11 years watching people evolve, we have learned what works well and what doesn’t. We are still learning new ways to program and move, so we must continue our experiment.

-Working hours from 5am-7pm with classes, personal training, bookwork, event planning and more going on, we have to squeeze it in when we can. Most the time it is not during class time, and if it was, there poses a few problems:

-Class time is probably not ideal for us. We need to be carful to not be in the gym ALL hours of the day or you might get a zOmBiE coach (and who wants that?! If you do, well, this ain’t the place for you).

-When you become a coach, there really isn’t an “OFF” button. If I see some one that could use some help, I just have to help! I love what I do and I can’t ignore the desire to help others or answer questions when asked. Even when I have tunnel vision on my workout, it still can be a distraction.

-We like to have more than one hour to train. If we could hold 90-120 minute classes, we would, but it just isn’t ideal for the majority of people. I really need time to do lots of mobility, a slow warm-up, a nice cool down, and time to let my mind come down to Earth. The gym is my sanctuary and I enjoy dedicating time to it and myself. One hour classes aren’t bad, but if I have the opportunity to spend extra time, I am going to. Wouldn’t you?

If you think since we tweak, mesh and mold our workouts into yours means that we “haven’t done the workout”, keep in mind we have done 5 1/2 years of pure CrossFit, been trainers years prior and my dad made me start lifting at 12! So there. Within those realms, TRUST ME, I have pretty much done 90% of WODs (no ego stroking here, just proving a point).

I hope this helps bring some clarity to the table. Sometimes it’s a good thing to sit back and reflect on how things could be coming across to others. We absolutely love what we do and we thrive off of improving our clients. Just know that we ALWAYS have your best interest at heart!


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