Cloud 9 is Mine

Today Tim and I went to a Wellness Conference that was part of a continuing education event for Doctors. I was invited to speak at this event today- one of five speakers.

I was assuming the speeches would be good, but I was not expecting to walk away feeling how I do right now.

First of all we are hosting a big event this weekend and the preparing has been at the tipping point of being overwhelming, secondly my birthday is today so I was not as excited about this as I should have been. Little did I know this would be such a wonderful day.

I have been getting kind messages from everyone all day which made the morning feel amazing. On top of that, the speeches that were given were absolutely riveting.

Three of the five speeches were about CrossFit methods and Paleo- all speakers with their PhDs but me. It was so amazing to hear these speeches presented at a convention for DOCTORS. The next best thing was that the audience seemed open to it. I even had a few people tell me they were going to start Paleo.

There really is magic that happens when you combine people with a common goal, open minds, open hearts and passion.

It couldn’t have been a better day to speak. With people reaching out today and being a part of an awesome event I feel such humbleness and gratitude. I can’t put into words the elation I am feeling.

When you’re on the right path in life, I think this is what it feels like.



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