Real life tests and heavy $#!+

It feels so good to be back to having 80% of my workload being CrossFit! I love doing hair, too but that is the yin to my yang πŸ™‚

Today was filled with positivity but I was sent a few testers. I ran into a man at the grocery store who was polite but giving my subtle slams. It allowed me to see how he truly is inside and feel bad for him. He has to act out towards others because of his own insecurities. So I continued to converse and smile. I also saw someone who was obviously trying to not be seen which hurt my feelings at first but realized the stem of the problem wasn’t me, it was her. It’s hard to not let things get to you sometimes when your ego is in the way. I think I passed these tests but only because I had a biggest test this weekend… Two older men telling me they don’t like tattoos and to never get anymore… I allowed it to get to me and get me in a bad mood for about 30 minutes but then got over it. I have decided not to waste my energy with these people anymore. I really want my life to be with people who are uplifting- and they are not!

I was on a partial hiatus from working out (2x week on average for about 6 weeks) so getting back to hitting it hard has been tough! My strength and conditioning usually comes back in about a month and that’s when the open starts. πŸ™‚ I signed up for an online OPT competition this week and am about to commit to another competition in April that I will travel for. Fun stuff!

Here’s my 240# deadlift after 185×5, 205×4, 225×3, 235×4 with 2 minutes rest between each… Which went by way too fast!
The second video is of 123# hang squat cleans. Erectors were FRIEDDDDD from yesterday’s WOD which made me unable to go heavy. 😦

Overall it’s been a wonderful day! I can tell I’m operating on a much higher energy level and it feels wonderful.


One thought on “Real life tests and heavy $#!+

  1. First off, way to go on your DL and squat cleans! Jeez!! I aspire to be like you! Second, your hair has gotten so long!!!!! Love you! Keep your head up and screw those other people!

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