Motivated Monday

Started the day off with a great breakfast and nasty beefcake Westside WOD with the ladies today. I knew I would want my hair up, so I did a quick updo (I’m a little inspired from the updo class I went to yesterday) and it came out cute. Upside down french braid with a messy bun.


Lifting-wise I am still taking it a little light… I find when I stay a bit under my maxes, I get stronger faster and end up getting more PRs. I love powerlifting and am stoked to have a great crew to train with.



During our deadlifts I came over to my desk and Tim noticed something under my desk…. It was a toad! What a cute little CrossFit toad trying get in a lifting sesh!


After work I had Mike Jones (WHO?!) adjust me. Ahhhhhh 🙂 I feel normal again. My left SI joint, upper back, and neck get tightened up after a week of WODing! I can finally look 90 degrees in both directions. I feel good (nana nana na)!

Before I went to the grocery store for some food I stopped at my accountant’s office to grab my taxes… I OWE $1,400!!! WHHAT THE EFFFFF!? I sure as hell wasn’t expecting that! There goes my shoes I was wanting. Ugh. Oh well. To the store! I always feel a small chip on my shoulder at the store when I’ve got such a clean cart. It just looks so healthy! I’ll be cooking Tim’s Feast #2. Pictures and recipes to come.


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