Yum, YUM!

Tonight I made three different dishes and they all came out great, so I wanted to share.

Here is the food I will be using in my cooking:

Some of it prepped…

Below is a Paleo Pad Thai from The Clothes Make the Girl.

I HIGHLY recommend this! It tastes just like Pad Thai… nutty, creamy and satisfying. I quadrupled the recipe so I have plenty left over to get me through the week.

This is a Red Cabbage and Leek dish (with a bit of added bacon – bacon I found at food fantasies with NO sugar!). This is a great side to some steak. It has a nice crunch and a bit of sweetness. The bacon give it a nice salty/sweet contrast.

Finally, I made another type of chicken, breaded with pork rinds. Not the best nutritionally, but it helps keep me on track when I have cravings. Very tasty! Be careful of the high sodium.

The finished product:


3 thoughts on “Yum, YUM!

  1. WOW!!! This is the best!!!! I made it for lunch and my daughter even ate it (She is 18 and you know how they love fast food)

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