Stay Humble


This photo has so much more behind it than it appears. I have such an appreciation for not only hard work, but for openness to stay humble and want to better oneself. This particular client has a completely dysfunctional hip yet still works his a** off to see the smallest improvement while trying to move as efficiently as possible.

Athletes who are gifted with no physical problems need to learn from this. None of us are above any coaching or improvements just because we move well… We are never perfect and always have room to improve.

Here is someone working with the drive and commitment of an elite athlete but doesn’t have the physical means to be elite (yet) and there are those of us out there not wanting to hear about how to improve their movements because they “know” what to do. It’s a shame we all don’t have the attitude of said client.

Check your ego, go back to the basics, be open to criticism, and most of all be grateful for what you have.



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