Buzzfeed is one of my favorite sites to visit and today there was an article that caught my eye. Check it out HERE.


This is the girl who is the first plus size model in Sports Illustrated… PLUS SIZE? Are you kidding me? She wears a size 12 which is not too much bigger than what I wear and I don’t consider myself plus size. It disgusts me that there is a a category (with a horrible name.. who wants to be called plus size?) for NORMAL healthy women who aren’t built with a small frame.

My Dad is 6’4 and my both him and my Mom are ripped. I don’t have the genetics to be a tiny person unless I am at a dangerously low weight (been there before, never again). I don’t have trouble with body image like I used to but it still infuriates me to see this. We are putting it out there that the girls who are attractive and deserve to be in magazines should be a certain size.

No wonder there are so many eating disorders and depressed people. It is a vicious cycle. When you see something like this, how is it motivating to want to get healthier when just being normal isn’t even “attractive” anymore?

I know lots of women (and men) who would be considered plus size that I think are just as (if not more) beautiful (not only physically) than the models.

Even though it is my job to help people get fit and healthy, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the beautiful human body, in all shapes and sizes.

I could go on forever about this topic, but I just needed to rant. Let’s celebrate the body we have!



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