An Ode to Mom and Dad


I love getting texts like this. How cool to be able to share such a passion with your parents.

My Mom and Dad instilled healthy living in us girls since I can remember, and I am forever grateful.

As far back as I can think, my Mom would always eat extra veggies with her meals, Dad would workout every morning at the crack of dawn, if Mom couldn’t make it into the gym, she’d AirDyne at home (with us girls dancing around to her tunes), Dad would make us eat an orange and drink the biggest-cup-ever of water, we had to go on 3 mile “walks” (jogs would probably be more appropriate) on Sundays, and the list goes on and on.

Parents, if you think making your children do things they don’t want to do, think again!

I remember sitting at the dinner table for over an hour, sneaking spoonfuls of grape jelly, while I was “forced” to finish my spinach. This taught me that even though some foods don’t taste like candy or a Happy Meal (or grape jelly for that matter) I need to eat them to stay healthy.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for making health and fitness a normal part of my life!


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