Some days are rough…

But all our body knows is amount of effort, not numbers. So no matter what my times or numbers say I still did well today! Glad I got my booty up today and got to the gym early.


Check out the new shirts (thanks AO!) that will make everyone know how simple Paleo is!


Mid ombré right now. Cosmo school update coming soon!

Can’t wait for this crazy week of 55hrs of work and school to be done and I can see my lover boy! Look at him… So cute! Working on his 1,000 piece puzzle (more like 993 pieces… Bernie likes to eat the pieces that drop on the floor!



One thought on “Some days are rough…

  1. OMG!  I needed to read this one today!  Thanks for sharing your blog, Molly.  And I dearly love the picture of Tim doing the 1,000 piece puzzle….I like doing those with someone and I know Aunt Joan does, too.   Love you!!!     Omski

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