A cozy Monday

I can’t wait until I’m finished with school and have more time to devote to my CrossFit lifestyle. Mondays are one of my favorite days because I can work, workout and cook!

I made a croc pot meal and it was WONDERFUL to come home to a house smelling of winter soup. It consisted of chicken thighs, beef stock (sugar free- be careful when buying stock), turnips, summer squash and seasonings. Mmm.


My mom bought me a salad dressing shaker/bottle so I had to use it! I bought some organic spring salad mix and cherry tomatoes to drizzle my tasty dressing over. It’s a simple mix as you can see- it brings out the fresh taste in the veggies! If you haven’t made your own before you should try it! No bad oils or sugars added.


I also made a meal from Nick Massie’s CF Journal cooking videos. The trick to this tasty meal is to roast garlic, sweet potatoes and a red onion before sautéing. The onion is so sweet and the garlic has a rich taste. Mmm.


Tim and I both love having a fireplace so I thought I’d have a fire going when Tim got home from work. Our cat Jack loved the warmth of it and Bernie was loving it too. They both laid in the little bed together for a while. So cute. 🙂 The older Raggie is getting, the more cuddly she is becoming. Little heebs (sorry we have 1,000,000 nicknames for our pets)!



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