Goodbye, October

Oh boy. It’s one of those days. Lots of negative energy floating around me tempting me to take part. I will not! It’s a challenge to not be drawn into that. It’s at school and on Facebook. Some people on Facebook who are my “friends” post things that sometimes get to me. I wonder if it’s worth it to delete them. I should probably just go through and block their postings from my newsfeed. Fake people make me feel funny inside. 😦

Okay just needed to vent. I’m already ready to get home and finally see Tim for practically the first time this week! I think we might go for a nice walk in the park this evening. Such a crisp fall day.

Sooo some time has passed and things have happened! Here is a small update of happenings…

I turned 26 this month! Time has gone by fast and so much has happened. I wonder how things will be different when I turn 27! Tim surprised me with a private birthday dinner complete with wine, steak, flowers and music. Isn’t he precious?


Caroline spoiled me with treats and gadgets. So thoughtful! Tim got me tons of gifts… Some of my favorite being the Disney movies (and the sweet notes left on them). My mom also spoiled me. She is to blame for my massive consumption of cake!


For a little bday celebrating and Halloween fun we went to St. Louis with some friends. We went to a haunted house and had a great time! Oh and enjoy my creepy face I sent to Liana…


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I got to have fun with makeup this year. I won a competition at school for the wicked clown face. I don’t know how because I thought everyone else’s looked way better than mine!


To end, two things I love: Timmy modeling and my babies!



One thought on “Goodbye, October

  1. GREAT post, Molly!!  I agree about your comment about FB – ugh.  People are weird.   And THANK YOU so much for my little treat……yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!   Love,   Mom

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