Listen to me…

Go get your keys. Get in your car and drive to Barnes and Noble. NOW. Buy this.

This book is amazing. She has some great information in it as well as special meal plans based on your goals- to rid or ease certain diseases and conditions, to lean out, to stay athletic, to learn strict Paleo and more. Not to mention the recipes are DA bomb.

This wasn’t a recipe in the book, but I used a reduction sauce idea from it for my steak. Water, coconut oil, coconut aminos, and burnt steak bits = heaven on a steak. MMmMMMmmmMMm.


There is a recipe for Paleo Porridge. If you crave porridge or oatmeal, check it out. It doesn’t take much like it, but the creamy, nutty, warm consistency is a good alternative. YUM. It was great for breakfast with some eggs.


I got a $100+ CND acrylic nail set from school. Yay! Sometime this week I want to do my nails and try not to kill our pets with toxic fumes. Check out my first sculptured nail. No tip undeaneath. This is all freehand, baby.


Sugar detox friends: Jimmy John’s. Beach club unwich. No mayo. No cheese. Add bacon. Add gauc. Add hot peppers. NOM NOM NOM.


Did some shellac + foils. Very cool. Now if only it would stay on longer!


More Practical Paleo pics…. Almond Sponge Cake (sweetener free)


[Green] Apple Streusel Egg Muffins


Interested yet?

Go here. Free bits of the book!

That is all. Hasta luego!


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