Change is good.

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t even know the last time I was on here. The past few months have been a whirlwind. Life always takes me on unexpected journeys, but it always turns out to be a good thing, which makes me more comfortable with dealing with change.

We have been adjusting to Matt (Tim and I’s third wheel-and I don’t mean that in a bad way- not only as friends but employees) moving to Arizona. I am so happy for him achieving success in becoming an OPT coach and continuing to grow as an athlete. He has been an inspiration to me. It takes a lot of cajones to move away from everyone you are close to, to follow your dreams. Him following his intuition and knowing that things will be okay is very inspiring.

We finally pulled off the Illinois State Fair CrossFit Competition, which was months of planning and organizing. I didn’t realize how much time and effort I was spending on it until now because its over. This competition was a challenge I made with myself. I wanted this to be a big event and I wanted to pull it off smoothly and successfully. I think I achieved my goal! It was an amazing event with 280+ athletes and 20+ staff members that I was in charge of. I feel like this was also a change in my life. Its almost like getting a huge PR. Once you do it , you know you are at a different level of fitness. I feel like I am at a different level of running a business.

I am also going through some changes with cosmo school. We have spent the past 8 weeks at CACC (a creepy school in the middle of the cornfield for high school students studying different trades) which means no clients and only mannequin work. It allowed me to sit with papers out everywhere, my phone out making emails and sneaking in calls in the hallway in order to get ready for the State Fair. It seemed like a bummer at first, but ended up being a blessing! We go back to USCA next week. The school has been remodeled and will feel much more like an upscale salon. This too will be a change for me. I know we will have a lot more clients coming in, plus I think this will make some of the students and teachers step up a little, which is always a good thing.

Another change is dealing with all of the above in my relationship with Tim. I can truly say that none of these major shifts in my life molding me into the person I want to be would be possible without him. I now understand when people say their significant other is their rock. He is my counselor, my coach, my boss, my employee, my best friend, my family, my nurse, my masseuse, my dishwasher, and last but not least, my love! He has stepped up and taken on hours and hours of work to allow me to do what I do. My name should be taken off co-ownersihp right now because he is pretty much running the gym. I am a lucky girl.

As this waterfall of changes continues, it has brought on change to the gym as well. Ashley (AO) has also stepped up… Helping coach more classes, more clients and continue her side work of being my mini assistant. We have also taken on Caroline, Charlie and Shawn as our new interns. I am beyond excited to have such great people on our staff and can’t wait until they shift into coaching on their own. This is only going to bring even more good to CFI and our community.

Well, I need to get going to get off to school. I needed to get this out there (just for my own sanity because who knows who reads all of this). I hope to update my blog more as things have settled down for a bit. I don’t mean to sound like a hippie, but I love you all and I love my life! What a gift we have to be able to step back and look at things and appreciate them.

Have a great day. 🙂


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