A small glimpse

Sadly, I have not been able to update due to every second normally spent on things like my blog I have been working on things for the State Fair CrossFit Competition. One of my favorite things to do for CFI is to plan events. I love the feeling of pulling something off. I always want it bigger and better next time. When I took on the fair I knew it would be a lot of work but I didn’t think it would be a job managing 300 people! Wow! I couldn’t ask for a better turnout and I can’t wait for the big day.

Anywho, growing up as a Molly I have realized a few things:

There aren’t many named people Molly

There are about a billion pets named Molly

It sounds very similar to Holly (c’mon people MMMMolly!)

And… There are loofas named Molly! My mom got this for me. Molly does a good job scrubbing!


About a week and a half ago Tim and I took a day trip to Saint Louis. It was nice to spend some time together and get out of our normal surroundings. We did a great job of blocking out any stress we had going on! So nice to spend quality time with someone you love. I made a purchase at Mac so and lady there showed me some stuff for makeup hence the dark eyes!


We are breakfast at Brio, which is outside of the Frontenac Plaza. We had some delicious omelets. If you could only taste them too…. Mmmmm.


I caught a photo and a video (possibly coming soon) of Matt and Tim on one of their last WODs together. 😦 I miss Matty!


Finally! More recent things. Tim and I took a trip to Lesterville, Mo for our first annual CFI Float trip! It was a blast! This photo is on the way there. A fun ride until we got lost!


Time to go do some roller sets an perms. Toodles.


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