Every day I’m hustl-in’

Hustl-in’, hustl-in’. I am about a week and a half behind on my postings! Organizing things for work has been keeping me from my blog. This time of year gets busy- and probably won’t let up until late winter… But I love it!

Sweet Timmy brought me home some colorful flowers that are still alive and fully bloomed 10 days later! Having fresh flowers in the house just makes it feel better at home.


Aw. ❤


Last Saturday night we went out to the Muni. It was a very cute musical, but we left a little early because we were tired and couldn’t stop sweating. Gotta love midwest summers.


Sunday I celebrated my Dad’s birthday. He is also a CrossFit coach. He doesn’t have a clipboard to use when training his clients so I decided to make him a ‘manly’ looking one. I like how it turned out!


While shopping for vegetables, I was looking for some frozen stuff I can keep around for food emergencies. More than 1/2 of the bags I would pick up had some form of sugar in them! I swear even over the past three years its gotten harder to find quality foods. Check your labels, people!


I finally had the chance to cook some food for the week. Tim requested one of his (our) favorites, Paleo Pad Thai from TheClothesMaketheGirl.com. It tastes amazing. It wouldn’t be as tasty if Melissa hadn’t concocted such a delicious sauce for it. MMM.


I also made a few more things. I tried something different with my brussels spouts. Instead of cutting them in half and cooking at 350, I left them whole and roasted them at 400 for around an hour. GREAT DECISION. The outside was crispy and brown and the inside was so tender and nutty tasting. YUM. I will definitely do this again. I had some leftover asparagus that I threw in the oven along with a breakfast scramble (16 eggs, 3/4 lb sauasage, green and red peppers).


As the days are getting closer I am really cherishing the time I get to spend with Matt. I will miss him greatly! I always have a good time when he is around (as you can see)… I am not biased to hanging out with CrossFitters, but they sure know how to have a good time!


Hopefully I can catch up on my postings. I enjoy keeping this blog going and want to stay on top of it! Hopefully I’ll be back for round two today.

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