Baby why don’t we go down to Kocomo

I think I jinxed myself by always gushing about my pets. Little devil dog Bernie had some fun with my Toms I just got and decided the chew out part of the insole. Thanks dog! Just what I wanted. 😦

Look at Matty. What a great energy he brings. I love taking his classes. He is always positive and uplifting. I love how he gets just as excited as I do about my own PRs. That’s a true coach! Saturday at Cafe Andiamo we are having a CrossFit Games/ going away party for Matt. Come and join us!

I haven’t been good about recording my workouts so I am at least going to put my new numbers on here so I have them somewhere.
Front squat: 165#
Squat Clean: 150# (video coming soon) I am proud of this!
Legit pistols! Proud of this, too.
Bench Press: 140# (glad because I haven’t benched in forever)
Weighted Kipping Pull-up: 30lbs (stopped there due to time constraints)
8 minute row: 1932m (had a hard time deciding what a good pace would be- should have gone a little harder the last two minutes)
I think that’s all the updates I have…?


On the way to work one of the best songs came on! This song reminds me of when I was a lot younger, riding around in my Mom’s car eating candy buttons. Such great memories!



We went to a friend’s house on the 4th for a little pool action and some tasty food. This also included a few delish drinks! One of the best combos I have had (probably due to the MASSIVE amounts of sugar) is the Loopy vodka (tastes like Fruit Loops cereal) with Sprite topped with some spiked whipped cream. YUM!



At school I dyed a girl’s hair to make it look almost like a reverse ombre. Hard to see it in the picture but its very pretty!



Ombre nails! Harder to do with colors that aren’t very similar.


That is all for now. Lots more to come. Feeling off today so I am spending time recouping my thoughts, blog, emails, cleaning my house (which may be a source of me not feeling well. Bernie sheds a lot), and cooking some healthy meals. Been feeling a little funky since Thursday. I think my body is fighting off sickness. Got to keep my health on track!


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