Love, LiLi and veggies

Words cannot describe the amount of love in my heart. I truly think I am the luckiest person in the world to end up with such a phenomenal partner. Tim and I have only grown (infinitely) closer and more in love over the past four and a half years. We hadn’t had a chance during the past week or weekend to really spend quality time together, so Tuesday night we went out to dinner and ended up staying there and having some great conversation for about two and a half hours. I had a great time and and so humbled by Tim’s unselfish, loving attitude. I couldn’t ask for more. πŸ™‚



I had to get a cherry martini. Mm. Tastes like a cherry sucker.


Liana came to see me at school to get a few highlights and a trim. It turned out great! Very funky and fun.


Sweet Li brought me some “PaLiLi Mix”… A Paleo trail mix she made. I ate it quickly and made a mess on our classroom floor. Oops. Damn you Liana! πŸ™‚


I finally had a chance to catch up on my cooking for Tim and I. Last week when I went to Saint Louis I found this amazing veggie mix that I finally put to use.


I used the veggie mix to add into my asparagus stir fry (fried in beef fat… YUM).


I also roasted some zucchini and baby portabella mushrooms with a seasoning I found at Trader Joe’s.



I found these at Schnucks. SCORE! -I had to show the puppies. Whenever I am cooking they are always close by!




I feel bad that I am always showing the dogs. So here is a glimpse of the many faces of J-poo.




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