It’s a WODerful life

I cannot tell you how great it feels to be back to consistent, from-the-heart training. I had been so restricted due to my injuries (rehabbing and preventing) that I wasn’t able to train at 100% for about two years. Thank god for mobility and Mark Frank. Last week and this week have been filled with some fun and challenging WODs. The workout below made me realize I NEED some food before I workout early in the morning. Ouch.


I have had more time at school to work on my makeup skills and it’s paying off! After I did my pink-to-purple look (Tim said it was “magical”) I had four girls ask me to do theirs. I only had time for two. One girl had an amazing green eyeshadow I HAD to use and the other went with some purple tones. So fun!




My older sister, Liana, insisted on meeting at Starbucks to talk. I knew nothing was wrong so I was worried she was upset with me for something. Eek! Turns out she just wanted to deliver my maid of honor box. So cute! I can’t wait for her wedding.

Sunday Caroline was in town so we did some nastiness that we ended up using for CFI’s classes on Monday. Whew it was dirty! I went with 110# on the cleans and 53# on the swings. The cleans were pretty challenging but not terrible. I could feel my energy system starting to deplete sooner and sooner each round. The swings were WAY tougher than expected. Caroline helped push me to do all three rounds consecutive (PUKE).

Yesterday I did the following:

Check out this video of my last round of front squats. I thought 150# was my max but maybe it’s not anymore. I feel like the last round should have been a bit harder! As you can tell by the photo below, I am not very strong on pullups. I need to work on those (especially butterfly).

Double unders went well… All rounds unbroken (and no peeing my pants)!

Today I joined the 5am class. What a dedicated crew of people. The workout was a good one for me. I am trying to get mentally stronger and not break up my sets so much and I was able to get through 5+ rounds unbroken with 65#.

Check out these curls! Wow! This took a while to do but looked great when finished!


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