If you think it, it will come

Time to catch up on the ol’ blog. I can’t believe it is already Friday. This week has flown by! Monday I went down to Saint Louis for my Structural Integration appointment. There is a Trader Joe’s around the block so I stopped to do my grocery shopping for the week. I love going there because I find some little treats and meals that I can’t get here.

Also close by is Chipotle. MMMmmm. I wish I could eat there daily. Take a look at the hookup I got on some guac! Yay fat!

About ten minutes away is The Gallery. I stopped by a few months ago and purchased my first pair of Toms. I love them so much that I have to force myself to wear other shoes! I have been looking online for another pair since I bought my first- so I decided to splurge.


Also about ten minutes away is the deadly Lululemon store. I have the same problem with my Lulu shorts as I had with my Toms. I couldn’t resist!

Final blog worthy excitement: I finally changed my lip ring! Yay! I love the little sparkle of the diamond.

I had a wonderful start to my week because I chose for my week to be enjoyable. Thanks Wayne D.


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