School has been such a blessing as far as my nutrition goes. Having a set schedule makes it easy for me to eat well- I am forced to be prepared or else I won’t eat! Here is a snapshot of what some of my post workout meals/breakfast (about 2 hours after my post workout shake) looks like. Some type of veggie/fruit/starch with hard boiled eggs, water, decaf coffee, Juice Plus, and fish oil.

Caroline (my little sis) texted me that she did a workout and repped the $#!+ out of 135# power cleans, so OF COURSE I have to prove that I can do it too. This resulted in some tender collar bones. Bar hickeys! People probably think I’m a skank!

A group of us from CrossFit Instinct went to Lake Barrington, Il for a Strongman Certification. First thing I noticed (besides a BOMB box) was free Starbucks! These people know what CrossFitters like!

I brought tons of healthy meat and veggies for lunch but by the time we were ready to eat I realized I brought no utensils and my food was grossly warm. We went to Jimmy Johns. YUM. Beach club with extra avocado, hot peppers and bacon with a side of my berries. Mmmm. I could eat that daily.

The cert was amazing. So much fun and lots learned. Right up my ally of
throwing heavy shit around. I can’t wait to put to use our strongman equipment (and order more)! Rob is such a great guy. So down to earth and willing to help.

Our little Y!

More to come!


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