Long time, no post!

Changing my routine to full time school and covering some extra CFI work last week had me too busy and tired to even think about posting! Last week I finally broke out the grill and made som rasty food for the week. I grilled some organinc grass fed burgers, organic chicken, organic turkey burgers, and some (not organic) bratwurst. After that was done I threw on some asparagus and zucchini (yum).  I made an easy scramble-tweleve-eggs-pour-over-mixed-veggies-and-bake breakfast dish as well as a sweet potato baked dish.



Sunday I went on a 20 mile bike ride with some fellow CrossFitters to help raise money for my friend, Emily, for her 100 mile race coming up. It was a blast! I thought I’d continue the endurance-y trend and do 400m repeats on Monday. I am trying to really stay true to proper running form so my numbers aren’t that great yet. A freakin’ semi truck messed up my third run which ended up screwing me the rest of the workout. I wanted to maintain, dangit!



Again continuing with the trend on Tuesday I did 10x 250m row repeats. I hadn’t done this before so I wasn’t sure how to gague. I wanted to stay consistent throughout, which I did, but I think I held back a bit too much. Oh well. At least my form improved!



I am finally improving on visible braids- Katniss style.



Space Jerz!



I found a little folded football on my desk at work. Caroline left me a nice little note. Haha. I can’t wait for her to start interning… and working out with me!



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