Full time and fun times

This week was my first week going full time at comso school. I actually like it more than I thought I would. I put in 35 hours this week and it felt wonderful! Normally I would get around 15. Graduation here I come! I am a lot less busy now- more people come in the evenings and weekends to get their hair done than mornings and daytime during the week. This has given me a lot of time to catch up on working on my mannequin. I’m finally getting faster and better at my finger waves. I love these. So beautiful.


I was also given the opportunity to go to a shellac class where we learned design shellac- in about two weeks I will be able to do it on clients! It’s so wonderful to have polish that lasts.


My ‘design roller set’.


I have been working out at 6am before school which I have also really been enjoying. It feels great to have my workout done so early. We were supposed to walk on parallel bars with dips at the end. We do not have any parallel bars so we had to come up with our own substitute.

Friday night Tim and I went out for a few drinks with a few friends. Check out my hot date. đŸ˜‰


Found out I do not like green olive martinis. Blech.


Timmy enjoying his splurge…



Brickhouse= amazing! Bacon wrapped chicken with some creamy delicious sauce. MMM.


Matt met us out and had on some stylin socks from Mr. Mike. Dancing naked ladies… Yes!


The Sun and The Sea was playin at Marley’s so we decided to check them out. Good tunes!


Now on to get ready for a 20 mile bike ride with some fellow CrossFitters. Great start to a gorgeous Sunday!


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