Another wonderful weekend!

Saturday I competed in a CrossFit competition in Jacksonville. Sweet Tim made me decaf coffee and a full fuel breakfast. What a great guy. 🙂


Broccoli and eggs… breakfast of champions!


Here is the first workout we did:


I finished in 19:58. Meh. I need to run more!

We had an awesome crew representing CFI! It was so fun to see everyone in action and to finally be a part of it as well!


The second and final workout was a team workout (4 girls or 4 guys, ‘top’ or ‘general’ divisions):

One member must row 500m while the others complete 75 pull-ups (collectively), then another member must row 500m while the other members complete 100 box jumps 20″, another must row 500m while the rest do 100 med ball sit-ups 14#, then another member must complete a 500m row while the others complete  100 burpees. We ended up doing extremely well on the second workout and took home 1st! What a great experience! The rest of the crew proved they are some serious competitors as well.



I think Tim might feel better about wearing his shirt now… 🙂


Later that evening we hosted our 2nd year anniversary party! It was a blast! We gave out prizes, had a keg, AO’s “CrossFit Juice”, a paleo feast (thanks to my ladies), an amazing custom CFI cake (thanks Joshua), and of course DJ Blake made it a party! A night I’ll never forget.


Whenever music is around, friends are around and drinks are around, dancing comes out… including the worm! Ouch. These actually look good compared to my nice red scabbies I have now.


Sunday I had to come in and row out the booze. Felt good to do an easy 2,000m row and not worry about my time. Sometimes NOT having a clock on is the best thing for you.


Of course we had to get a post party, post competition, memorial day snack. OH MY. Orange dreamsicle in a cup. Definitely worth the cheat on a steaming hot day!


We also ended up shaving Raggie. We left her head long- she looks like a tiny, tiny lion! I always forget how tiny she is. He massive fur makes her look bigger than she is!


Look at all of that! Sheesh!


Started school full time today, which means I have to workout at new times. Today was 6am. Felt good to get it done first thing in the morning.


Got up to 245# on the deads and stopped at 90# on the belt squats- funky knee stuff going on. KB Swings and belt squats left some nice bruises on my inner thighs… Maybe I shouldn’t wear shorts for a while. Hah.

Busy, but great weekend. Now on to cooking for the week!


One thought on “Another wonderful weekend!

  1. Whoo! I hope you don’t collect and keep Raggie’s hair…that would be weird. Awesome CFI party and best of luck on finishing our school. You rock girl!

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