Regionals in a nutshell

Well… one of the most exciting weekends of the year is over! What a great weekend it was. We went to McCook, Il to watch Tim and several other CrossFitters compete in the CrossFit Games Regionals. We went up on Thursday night with mister Matthew Bryant (<– follow his blog!) to prepare for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Here are some photos from our trip:

I had to buy some things to help cheer… I got too excited when Tim was up for “Diane” and broke my big clapping hand. 😦

We went to Prasino for dinner. GREAT (and green) food!

Organic Jasmine Lemontini!

Avocado Lobster appetizer…. a tiny ($16) piece of heaven!

My salad. Tasty. Fresh. Crisp. Mmm.

I love my boys.

Becky brought me a surprise… bacon dark chocolate! I know what I am opening up for dessert tonight! YUM-O!

Isn’t he cute? 🙂

Shrimp kabob and salad from a Mediterranean grill

Got the itch to WOD so a group of us went outside for a run/burpee/air squat WOD. Sharp grass = painful skin!

Prasino again for dinner on Saturday. Don’t remember the name of this cocktail but it tasted like Christmas!

I asked for a Captain and diet coke- nope. They had “organic cola” they could use instead.

Delish dinner besides that red pepper. VERY hot!

Great trip with great people. Can’t wait for next year (hopefully I’ll be blogging from the competitor’s view)!


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