Hungry and happy

I just finished preparing “Tim’s feast #6” and am sitting here thinking about how good my breakfast on Saturday sounds. MMM. Caroline and I went to Flat Top Grill where you can customize your own omelet. YUM! WHY don’t we have one of these in Springfield?!


Today I had an appointment in St. Louis for Structural Integration. I have to wear shorts to the appointment and I decided to look ONE MORE time for my missing Lululemon shorts. They are my favorite and have been gone for a few weeks! So sad. I finally found them! Yay! I have been wanting to write about these. These are GREAT CrossFit shorts. Built in undies, slim zipper pocket in the back, front pocket on the waistband, slits in the sides, and stretchy, soft material. They fit really well and don’t give me love handles. They are called the Turbo Run Short. Today I bought some more shorts from their store while in STL. I will post about them after I wear them. Ladies, I know these seem pricey, but from how much I missed them while I couldn’t find them I KNOW they are worth the money.



That’s all for now. Peace out brown cow.



One thought on “Hungry and happy

  1. Shopping trip to STL soon? I need someone to tell me, “AO, buy them or you will continue to wear 4 year old shorts that you have to pull up every-time you burpee because none of your clothes fit.”

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