It’s the little things in life…

What a good week this has been! It gets even better because tonight I get to hang with my sisters!

One of Tim’s clients travels to Amsterdam and to other foreign countries to visit his husband. He always gets us socks when he goes. This time I got some sparkly toe socks! I love them. I think I might have the most eclectic sock collections around!

I wrote on Carl Paoli’s wall about the muscle up and he responded! He is pretty famous in the CF world so it made me feel good that he actually even saw the message. Great guy. Great coach.

One of our clients, Joshua, brought me some ohmygoshthisissogoodicantthinkstraight “muscle up cupcakes” today. So nice of him! He is in culinary school and will be making a cake for our upcoming party. He is an inspiration- quit his job as a lawyer to follow his passion. He will be successful with this, I know it! With that much heart into it there’s no way he won’t be.

I finally got my nails shellaced! Pretty summer color. Only $3 since I had a student do it. Couldn’t pass that up!



Quote to finish…


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