A dream come true!


I DID IT! I can finally do muscle-ups! The coolest thing: Jett got it on video! Thank you! Thanks for making me try another one and thanks to the people in the gym for screaming at me! 

Ahhhhh. :} Pleasure. :} I think (like Carl Paoli told us) it is mostly motor control. I think by practicing the drills he gave us that my body figured out when to fire correctly. I didn’t try anything much different when I got it, I just felt like my body did it on its own. Here is part of the drill work Carl gave us that helped me a ton (below)… I have tried it before but I think it took having a coach there in person to really instruct me. I am so elated that this helped because now I want everyone to get one… they are actually not that difficult strength-wise, just technique-wise, which means (in my mind) easier to improve!

Another thing that is AWESOME. No false grip! Saves me bloody wrists (sounds like a pirate) and waking up in pain (seriously). Now I just get bruises on my forearms. Hmm.

Okay. I’ll stop. Too much excitement going on.

I did the first ever REAL mobility session on Tim (normally I’ll do one or two things for him at home- not a full session). I think KStar needs to invent some mobilitydiapers. Take a look at my tools used on Tim:

That’s even missing other things such as stretch bands, pvc, double lacrosse balls and ME. Haha. Did I just call myself a tool?

As you know I love my pets. So of course I have to share pictures and videos of them. I had some clean laundry sitting out to be put away and found him curled up snoozing. I wish I had a bed like that!

Check out Bernie and Raggie playing tug-of-war.


That’s it. Peace!


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