I hate titles

So today didn’t start out the greatest. I woke up earlier than I wanted to (since I could sleep in a little) so I forced myself to stay in bed and try to sleep more. Well, Tim was already up which means Raggie is up. Sometimes we leave her crate door open so she can come get in bed with us. The downside is when someone gets up, she gets up. With our house being so old, only 1/5 of our doors actually stay shut when pushed on. Of course, our bedroom door is in the lucky 1/5. Raggie uses her little head to push open our door (not quietly) then proceeds to jump on the bed and run across me twice then leaves the room. I thought maybe she was done but no, she entered again. Poor Tim is so sweet… he came in (due to my grumbling) and put little Rags in bed. Nothing like good sleep to start the day! Might as well get up.

I went into the gym and did my dynamic lower body day. Here is the workout (here ya go, Faith!):

Dynamic Box Squats

12 x 2 @ 55% max + small chains to 14″ box ~45 sec rest between sets

Dynamic Conventional Deadlift

10 x 2 @ 50% max + purple bands

3 x 4 30″ box jumps

2 x 6 Glute Ham Raises

Pistol, pistol, pistol- yeah! practice

Not much time. Need to get these sessions running better. Hm.

I wanted to see myself so I had AO take a video. I need to do better at staying tight on the 2nd rep.

Here’s your video AO. 🙂

Working out ALWAYS makes my day better, no matter how bad it is. I had a client come in at 11, had a great session, then in walks trouble… aka Sidles. Today’s workout for CrossFit Instinct has pistols in it. Sidles can do pistols and makes them look easy. I knew I’d have to watch her bang them out while I sit there dreaming it was me. Sooo I decided to keep working on them. Dammit, I want a pistol (well two for that matter)! I tried it with my heel on a plate, holding my foot, with a band, with a box… nothing helped. Then I was talking to Sidles about them and talked about the kind where you cross your leg on top of the pistol-ing leg, tried it and got closer than ever! I finally got 1 good one on each side. I’m not @$$ to ankle but probably a millimeter below paralell. I took videos but I only got one good one in the videos, one video left one video right. I didn’t feel like posting my fails. Hah.

Other good news! Sidles was showing me her new handstand push-ups to the floor. After seeing her do it (bringing knees down and into chest, then kipping- normally I do a tiny little kick on my hspu) I decided to give it a go. Going down is the worst part. I am not used to that depth so I went very slowly to ensure I didn’t smash my neck (done it before and it killllllls). I brought my knees down, which was strange to do and still feels strange after several attempts, then kicked and pressed and WHAM I was up! I didn’t expect to do it let alone fly up as easily as I did! Woo! Now to work with an AbMat and plates in either side to do the games standard.

Tonight I am going to officially taste test Andiamo’s new paleo menu! Sunday fell through which works out fine because I am STARVING today!


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