A gooooood day.

Today started off as a Faith-full day! I went to the gym at 6am and did my lower body max day with Faith. I love having someone to train with! It makes everything better. We lifted on the Gold’s floor which was kind of fun because we attracted some funny looks (maybe that was because of my outfit…).

The 9/10 is my scoring of effort. I am still leery with my back and don’t want to push it yet. I am extremely happy excuse last time I did heavy back squats I worked up to 155# and it felt like crap-ola. I had Faith take a video of my squat so I could see what my form looked like. I learn well by evaluating my positions so I will probably have more videos getting posted.

Thanks for the push push, Faith! 🙂

This is a photo of where I spend 2 hours of hell/heaven once per month in St. Louis. I go see Mark Frank at the St. Louis Institute for Rehabilitative and Sports Massage where he performs structural integration on me.

These are tools used for “Raking” . According to Mark’s website, “Therapists can use the instruments to comb over the contours of different parts of the body – catching on, separating and breaking down scar tissue, as well as stretching tissue and muscle fibers with significantly less pressure than other therapy techniques. As a result, the benefits of the Graston Technique and SASTM often include decreased treatment time, maximum comfort to the patient and faster recovery.” In other words, ow. Shortly after all these ows comes AHHHHH….. 🙂 Such a great release. I can’t wait to workout and see how I feel.

I was STARVING on my way home (after my appointment and VERY tiring shopping at Lululemon {photos coming soon} 🙂 ) so I stopped at Qdoba. YUM. There was a little corn and beans in there… and it was darn worth it!

I came home to some pretty flowers looking nice and colorful today. I love spring!

Tonight was another night for “Tim’s Feast”. Pictures coming soon, recipes to follow.


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