An interesting day…

What a day today has been! Before I gab on and on about my day here are the recipes I have been promising from April 16th’s post!

Cajun Mini Meatloaf

These were SO juicy and delicious! MMMM. I had to limit how quickly I ate these because it is very easy to eat more than 2!

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Pasta

Say that five times! This was Tim’s favorite. This was creamy, pasta-like and had lots of depth in the flavor department. This recipe made a big batch. It’s great for leftovers!

Supreme Egg Loaf

This was mighty tasty, mighty portable and mighty mmmmmmm. Having food pre-made for breakfast makes things SO much easier. MAKE THIS.

Okay enough about that. Worked out this morning with a few gals. We did an upper body dynamic day- I love upper body! Maybe that’s why my lower body is lacking…

I worked on ring dips today. Last time I worked on them I felt like I couldn’t do them very well if I would go pretty deep into the dip. I practiced today and was able to strongly push out of the bottom of the dip. Thank god. Now I am not as scared to work on that muscle up again. I know I can get up, but can I dip out? I think so.

Later I went ‘shopping’ (is it REALLY considered shopping here?) with Caroline and found this AWESOME shirt (not only is it awesome, but we have a joke with it, which makes it even funnier)!

Bobobobo be bobo be bobo bo-bo-bo-bo-bo (is anyone else catching on?)

I also found some nice polish (summery, yay!) and a cute top that I think I might wear when I go celebrate Liana and Caroline’s graduation at ISU! I’m thinking some white shorts would look cute with this. I never would have thought I would be buying a shirt that will show my belly again… I don’t think I have worn a belly shirt since early high school!

Oh and I almost forgot! Two new pairs of WOD shorts. I hope these fit me well… I tried them on but sometimes you don’t know until you really wear them. I like these because not only are they good running shorts, but they are great for squatting, lunging, and doing other spread leg, bent hip/knee movements. Hah. I don’t have to worry about annoying shorts in the way or showing things I don’t want to! Oh and an extra bonus… Long enough to cover the bum! I tell ya… Shorts these days!

I don’t really spend much money so I am super excited for these things. If it seems like I was a big spender today, you’re kind of correct, BUT I rarely shop- and when I do I am stingy as heck. One last thing. Poor Raggie had some diarrhea today and had a poopy bottom. I gave her a bath which resulted in the following… I ❤ her (and Bernie and J)!


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