What a wonderful Westside workout

Today it was just myself and two other parters for the Westside WOD. We got in the zone and got work DONE! We shared one bar throughout the workout, so we literally were on the bar to lift, change plates, yell, then back onto the bar. These workouts look easy on paper but when you are only resting 30-45sec between rounds, you will work up a SWEAT!

We started with box jumps to get out hips ready for lots of explosive lifting coming up. Felt pretty good. Next time I will go higher. Deads and squats went well. Very exhausting but fun!

I am in the midst of working on the Throwdown scores. It’s so exiting! I love seeing how people do because when it comes time to compete, people always come out of the woodwork and make it unpredictable. I care so much for everyone I take just as much joy as they do when they finish. It’s such a cool thing to be a CrossFit Coach.

Just ate a Jimmy John’s unwich…mmm! Tuna with bacon, avocado, tomato, cucumber, provolone cheese (oops…) and oregano. YUM! I am tingley. Ehhhhhhh.

Today is a bit colder so we had to turn the heat on… the animals love it. 🙂 So cute.

Toodles. If we go somewhere with post-worthy food I will post tonight!

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