It’s a crappy Friday but a happy Friday

So I know I haven’t posted the recipes yet… and I am sorry. They are sitting in the kitchen… but it’s raining out today… and I am cozy on the couch with some decaf coffee Tim brought me this morning (love him)… and am just too lazy to get up at the moment. :}

I am excited for this weekend- Tim will be competing in an OPTathlon in Chicagobehind is an AWESOME event. I can’t wait to see how he does!

Today I have a whole ONE hour of work! Before my long day today, I will be doing some Westside with the female beefcakes. Yay. I love it. I love being strong and I can’t wait to get stronger! Tim and I are supposed to go on a dinner date tonight which will be a nice little break for us. Tomorrow is school all day then possibly just lounging (reading, TV, movie, Nook, Pinterest…. ahhh). Sunday morning starts with another beefcake workout followed by a day date with Caroline to shop (Springfield… woo woo) and then…. bum bum bummmmmm…….. we get to do a taste test for Cafe Andiomio’s new Paleo menu! I am so pumped. I am hoping to maybe get a video made of this. From the sounds of it, there will be some amazing things going into my belly. I will give a report soon.


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