It’s been a while…

So I know it has been a while since I have consistently been on here to share some CrossFit lovin’. I have let life get in the way! I am in the process of deciding what I want to do with this blog. I am tempeted to make it into a blog that is all aspects that I am passionate about:



Hair and Cosmetology (in cosmo school if you didn’t know)

My pets

Crafts (I know, I know)

My life….

This could either be a really cool thing… or something strange that only a select few will actually be interested in. Also, sometimes I don’t have time to actually write up a big post but want to share pictures (can I just import my Pinterest stuff here?) but wonder if that is annoying to some people. Hmf. 

Guess I will just take it day by day and find out. 

A few updates: 

My hair is red. Now just to get it 12 inches longer…


I am signed up for Carol Paoli’s Gymnastics Seminar (yay!)

I am signing up for Rob Orlando’s Strongman Cert (yay!)

I am attending an Updo (as in hair) class in a few weeks (yay!) so if you know of any prom-aged ladies send them my way 🙂

We have an addition to our family, Bernie, the long haired Chihuahua!


Taking the day off today (school has been making my CF schedule wacky lately. 5am-1pm tomorrow then school 5pm-9:30pm. Gotta rest up!) to clean the house and do some cooking. Maybe I’ll post up what I make later tonight. 



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