A Mobility Challenge

While watching another Kelly Starrett video I started to think about doing a Mobility Challenge at CrossFit Instinct.

We are doing a 100 day burpee challenge (which I dropped out of after day 51 due to the burpees giving me tight hips even with mobility) at our box and people seem to love the challenge. This makes me think that maybe doing a 100 day Mobility Challenge could not only be fun, but way more beneficial to our bodies. It’s cool to have done so many burpees and kept it up until the end, but this does not do much besides maybe improve conditioning and maybe make you better at burpees (by the way, I am NOT dissing the burpee challenge).

If we did a 100 Day Mobility Challenge, people could learn where they need help, how to help themselves, be able to help others, feel better positioning on everything (lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing, etc.), new PRs, less injury, better recovery, better posture, and more.

I am actually just convincing myself  event more that this is a challnege we all need to do.

So who is in it? I am.

100 days, starting with today’s post on Kelly Starrett’s MobilityWOD.com project (a mobility video every day for one year). We will follow until he reaches day 365 (in 33 days) then start over at his first post. If you are at the box, I should know the Mob for the day- so just ask if you don’t get a chance to watch the videos.

Let’s start today. Suppleness here we come!


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