Lessons Learned …

…from the Powerlifting Certification with Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell:

1. Maximal effort is just that, maximal effort. Not breaking all time PRs, but maximal effort for that day. Don’t be upset if you aren’t breaking records. All your body knows is, “$*!+ this is heavy!” and that’s all that matters in order to get your body to react.

2. Mix it up. Variance is the key to CrossFit, as it is to powerlifting. That being said, we learned that we also need to vary CrossFit. This is more complex than it may sound. Be on the lookout for some tweaks coming up in our programming for class.

3. Punish your weakness. We already knew this, but it was emphasized again. If you have a weak muscle group or a weakness in a certain area of a lift, train it. Get it stronger. Deadlifting every week for a better deadlift won’t work. Find what is causing the weakness, address what is causing the weakness, vary the training, and get better.

4. Powerlifters have muscle. I have never felt so puny in my life. Strong= muscle. I want both!

5. CrossFitters eat really well. Pat yourself on the back.

6.Louie Simmons is THE. MAN.


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