Please take advantage of me…

I think sometimes people forget I am not just a coach, I am their personal trainer. Any one who is a part of CFI is paying to have us as their own coach/trainer. That being said, you should never hesitate to ask for favors such as nutrition help, mobility help, training and technique questions, etc.  I get excited when people ask for help! It is my passion to spread the love of CrossFit and the lifestyle that comes with it.

One of our members who has been trying to do Whole9/Paleo, says she just needs some structure, like a meal plan, to help her do well with her eating. I told her I would write her up an example of a couple of days for her to start following. I decided I would share this with the rest of you who may have been thinking the same thing.

So, here it is; meals, pre and post WOD, recipes, and links (this is made for a SMALL female, so adjust portions as needed).

Day 1

Meal 1:
Half large bag frozen mixed veggies cooked in coconut oil
2 whole eggs

Meal 2 (pre wod):
1 tbs nuts
1-2 oz meat (any kind will work)

Meal 3 (post wod):
1/2 sweet potato or 1 jar baby food
2 hardboiled eggs

Meal 4:
4”x4” piece of Meatza*
4+ cups spring greens or spinach salad with dressing*
(add in any veggies to salad)
Meal 5:
Paleo Pad Thai*

Bonus treat:
1 serving of fruit

Day 2

Meal 1:
Breakfast Frittata*
1 cup carrot sticks

Meal 2 (pre wod):
1/2 avacado
1-2oz meat

Meal 3 (post wod):
Same as above- alternate protein sources if desired

Meal 4:
2 cups sauteed zucchini (cook in coconut oil, add garlic, salt and pepper)
1 Almond crusted chicken breast*

Meal 5:
Choice of leftover meal
Add veggies or salad
Bonus treat:
1 serving of fruit

*= See recipe link

Meatza  This recipe can be made even simpler. It’s not necessary to follow the recipe exactly. Super tasty and great leftovers!

Dressing- I usually mix a dark olive oil (oils with basil, rosemary and other herbs in it are great) with lemon juice, onion flakes/powder, garlic, and whatever else I have around.

Paleo Pad Thai I have already written about this but I’ll say it again… This one is GOOD! MMmm.

Breakfast Frittata Thanks Angie “Nez” for the sample of this dish! This did not taste Paleo. It was TOO good!

Almond Crusted Chicken
An easy, yummy go to of mine.
Note: Almond Flour can be made by grinding up almonds.



One thought on “Please take advantage of me…

  1. Molly—this was a great post! Now that I’m feeling more confident with the workouts, I’m really trying to focus on the eating piece—which is my biggest problem area. Thanks for sharing!

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