Muscle Tissue Lovin’

I have been searching for a something in between a foam roller and a lacrosse ball to improve my mobility. I came across the Rumble Roller, and foam roller with firm bumps on them. The bumps stretch and massage your muscle fibers in multiple directions. According to their website, “This action erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain.”

Sounds exactly like what I need. I ordered one recently and it is fabulous! The day I got it, I used it on my calves. Normally with foam rolling, it feels like the knot in my calf is just getting moved around and not broken down like it needs to be. The lacrosse ball works, but takes a while due to the small surface area. The Rumble Roller worked perfectly. It felt like I was simultaneously rolling 4 lacrosse balls on my calf. It is great… and painful! I think this is my next step towards my goal of staying injury free.

I will have it at the box with me, so feel free to try it out! They are a bit pricier than normal foam rollers ($44.95 for the travel size, $69.95 for the full size), but it will last you longer and get your body more supple. They are available for purchase through Rogue Fitness. If you are truly interested, check out Kelly Starett’s video on the Rumble Roller.

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