Cheating Dialogue

Should I cheat tonight? MMM. Candy sounds so good.

No, you will regret it tomorrow.

But it sounds soo good. How about some cookies from Hardees? Warm and gooey, slightly crunchy, chocolate…

You have a decent amount of clean days under your belt. You are just starting to feel good again.

I don’t have anything coming up, though! No events I want to eat bad or drink at.

Even more of a reason to KEEP it strict.

You can start clean tomorrow then. Last chance. Milkshaaaaake.

That does sound really good. I am kind of hungry.

Hot ham n cheese…

Then two weeks completely strict, minimum. Lots of water and fish oil, too.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

Okay. Let’s go!*

Don’t judge me. When I don’t cheat, my eating is very strict. Day 1 of 17 today. Anyone else care to join? Whole9 rules apply.

More recipes to come.

*The above is a summary of my thoughts in about an hour span of time. Lots of thinking/debating goes into my cheating!


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