My View on Vibrams

I always get questions about my Vibrams, so I thought I would share my opinion on them in hopes to help out someone who is curious!

These are the Sprints as well as my most recent purchase. I love these! I like how they look a little better than some other styles. The open section on the top of the foot helps to keep my feet cool on hot days. I wore another pair of these when I was in Arizona climbing Camelback Mountain. They worked great! I was able to grip the rocks and edges with my toes, where people in tennis shoes were slipping.

I have to admit, I bought these purely because they were the most stylish Vibrams I have found! These are the Jayas. The sole is make from a lighter, almost foamy material. They stay on and don’t slip off the heel, which I was concerned about.

These are the Performas. They currently do not sell these online anymore, but they do have Performa Janes, which have a strap across the middle of the foot. These are made of kangaroo leather. They hold no shape what so ever when you pick them up. These are as minimal as they come! I forget I am wearing these because they are so thin. I like to compare them to a glove on my feet. If you like going barefoot, these are for you! They are not meant for much outside running, but 400m runs won’t hurt them.

These shoes are about to go in the trash. 😦 I accidentally put them in the dryer and ruined them. NEVER AGAIN will I make this mistake! This was my favorite pair… worn in and fit me perfectly!

I also used to have a pair of KSOs (keep stuff out). They look like the Sprints, but there is no opening on the top of the foot. They cover about as much as ankle socks would. I didn’t like this style due to they way they looked plus they made my feet really hot and extra sweaty, yuck. I gave them to my sister so hopefully she could enjoy them more than me.

Hope this is helpful! I love Vibrams and feel like I have gotten better posture, balance, body awareness, and stronger ankles/calves from wearing these shoes. They have made me extremely picky about shoes besides Vibrams. Other shoes have too much of a heel, too much squishy cushioning that throws off my balance and/or have a restricting toe box.

If you decide to purchase some Vibrams for your first time, I recommend starting with a month of barefoot running (properly… see my older post) before running in Vibrams. Once you do start running in them, start gradually. It is easy to injure yourself! Even if you’re not a runner, these are great for everyday WODs, too. No squishy thick soles getting your body used to unnatural movement!


2 thoughts on “My View on Vibrams

  1. Yea for Vibrams!! They are the best. I like to wear mine on squat days so I can get a good grip on the floor. I have the sprints and they hold up very well. I took them on a week long trip to Colorado and hiked in them every day.

  2. I love my Vibrams, I would have never believed how awesome they are until I tried them. I have taking to wearing them as much as I can, as well as, wearing them during Crossfit. I started running in them about two weeks ago and will only run with regular shoes when the Army makes me. My legs and knees feel much better after starting with my Vibrams. Believe the rumors, they do what they are supposed to do.

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