Tim on Skins

This is a video of Tim talking about Skins (compression clothing), why he wears them and his opinion on them.

This is a bit taken from the Skins website.

“What have they (doctors and professional researchers) found?

-increases venous return

-reduces exercise induced muscle damage (EIMD)

-accelerates recovery processes

-removes lactic acid faster

-increases strength and power

-improves endurance

-improves body temperature control

…so you get the benefits of a better performance without pain.”

For more information on Skins, visit their website.

Maybe some day once I have some “disposable cash” I’ll get myself some Skins.


One thought on “Tim on Skins

  1. If anyone is interested in getting some of these check out this website. I got a set of pants from here, they are about 10-15 bucks cheaper to begin with and then if it’s your first order you save 15% and they have free shipping on anything over $75. I got the full length pants shipped for like 85!


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