I Dare You…

… to not get nervous for Fran.

What?! Fran is the worst workout ever! Everyone dreads FRAN!

What’s the big deal?

Change your mindset and Fran is just another workout.

21 thrusters, 21 pull-ups, 15 thrusters, 15 pull-ups, 9 thrusters, 9 pull-ups.

I challenge you to go into this WOD like any other, but pay attention to your thoughts and stay in control of your mind.

Thinking about staying calm, not feeling any pain, focusing on breathing, and not worrying about the outcome will lead you to better times and better mental strength.

Pay attention to your rest. Managing rest instead if managing work is a great approach. When you set down the bar or drop off the bar, give yourself a 3 second or 5 second count to rest. Seeing videos of myself working out make me realize how much time I spent resting… too much!

Fight the norm to be afraid of Fran and embrace it. The main reason for Fran being so scary is because so many people make a big deal about it.

Yes, it sucks, but no worse than Filthy Fifty or Elizabeth.

Change your mindset, have fun and be proud of what you can do!

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3 thoughts on “I Dare You…

  1. I loved this today! I think it might be one of my first “repeat” since I started. When I saw the WOD last time I actually go excited thinking about it. I definitely worked on “managing the rest” during it. Increased weight, improved time – it’s all good. Fran is not scary.

    Now Barbara – she’s a whole different beast. šŸ˜‰

  2. Great post Molly. I took your advice, and where I would usually turn away from doing Fran, today I embraced it and embraced the pain that was about to ensue and got a PR. I have to approach Fran as I do Murph, with a strange love for the pain and just give it hell!

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