Running Revelation

Since hurting my back in December, I have been doing lots of work on learning about injuries; how to deal with them, how to prevent them, and how to stay positive throughout the injury. I started coming across more and more articles and books about injuries stemming from our feet and traveling upwards. Problems in the feet lead to calf, knee, hip, back, and even more problems within the body. While I was in Arizona, I came across the book pictured below.

This book had so much in it that I was interested in just by paging through a few chapters. The picture below shows how your foot should land when you run. Forefoot first, then toes, then heel. Ken Bob discusses how you will not have proper footwork unless the rest of the body (all the way up to the head) are positioned in the right way.

This chapter talks about how you should program your running in order to not get what he calls, “Barefoot Running Exuberance Syndrome” aka over training.

He has some interesting thoeries on shoes, injuries and which ones to wear.

I know this post is long, but I HAD to share. I took Raggie on a walk to the park today; while I was there I took off my shoes and found a rougher part of the road to run on. I tried to keep everything I have been reading and working on in mind. After about two minutes, it all clicked. It felt great! The pain that is always in my left arch (which has been getting worse and going into my toe/heel) completely vanished, I felt no pressure on my knees (and they stopped clicking), I stopped bouncing, my feet were landing correctly, and I felt weightless. I have never felt this before. I thought I had felt good running, but now I know that wasn’t good running.

I highly recommend this book to everyone wether you are injured, like to run, hate to run, are interested in Matt’s endurance (no, that’s not a plug!), or simply are curious about barefoot running. This book is easy to read and Ken Bob has a quirky sense of humor. Once I finish the book and feel like I am closer to mastering the running, it will be at the box for you.


One thought on “Running Revelation

  1. I just got the INOV8 Road X shoes and they are wonderful! They are barefoot running shoes just like the others but the soles are a little tougher to hold up on pavement. Running barefoot on hot gravel/tarred country roads would be a little painful so I have to get barefoot running shoes!

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