I feel high…

…from the energy of the CFI Throwdown. What a great event!

When it started I wondered if we could even get enough people to sign up to make it a good competition. Slowly the list started to grow and grow. I am excited to say that we had 37 competitors. Every single person stood out to me and I saw things I had never seen before. I saw people push past the point of “pukie”, on the floor in the middle of the WODs and/or sick for an hour after. I also saw people who I never expected to step up and take a lead in the WODs.

One of the best things that this competition did was bring a great sense of camaraderie throughout the box. It literally gives me chills when I see the whole group of competitors yell for each other as soon as they finish their own WOD and come together to cheer on the last person finishing up. Even the simple things like high-fives and words of encouragement to each other are building our community closer.

I think this Throwdown was a great sucess. We had fun coaching you and your determination to perform well motivates us and pushes us as coaches.

I am proud of you all for stepping up and getting out of your comfort zone. We have one hell of an affiliate and and proud to be a part of it.


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